Football for Hope Forum

Football for Hope Forum – driving innovation

Football for Hope aims to advance the use of football for social development and to spread innovations in the field. To fulfil this mission, Football for Hope brings together practitioners and other stakeholders to exchange and discuss new ideas, and commissions studies and research projects on issues such as monitoring and evaluation techniques.

Socio-economic development poses many and varied challenges depending on the region and target group. Using football to further development in a positive and sensible manner requires not only sound knowledge of the individual situation, but also an innovative approach to making the game an integral part of the solution. The collaboration of all stakeholders with the relevant knowhow and experience in the Football for Hope movement is essential for its success and sustainability.

The forum brings together the world’s leading professionals – from grassroots organisations working at community level to sports governing bodies, global corporations and development institutions. Experts from around the world come together to explore and promote the use of football for social development and determine the way forward for the Football for Hope movement.