Mathare Football for Hope Centre

The Football for Hope Centre in Kenya will be based in Mathare, a township in the capital Nairobi. Unemployment, crime, illiteracy, HIV/Aids and poor sanitation are just some of the many challenges facing the community in this area of Kenya.

Poverty is high, with average income less than a dollar a day. 70 per cent of the community is made up of single mothers and their children whose fathers have died or abandoned their family. Educational facilities are limited in the area with schools often left without electricity. Many children are forced to drop out of schooling and are then faced with the prospect of unemployment.

The Mathare Youth Sports Association will use the centre to help develop the skills of the leaders that are needed to help Kenya grow. The programmes will include the training of young people, educating youngsters about the link between sport and the environment and aiming to reduce instances of disease by organizing clean-up groups in the slums.

HIV/Aids education and schemes aimed at reducing instances of abuse will also play an important part in the Centre's work. The Centre's programmes will target at-risk children aged between ten and 18 years of age, and the facilities will be accessed by around 50,000 people a year within Mathare and the wider area.

The Mathare Youth Sports Association has been developing football-based development programmes since 1987. Football for Hope is continuing to support MYSA's ongoing activities and the creation of a network of development through football organisations in East Africa. MYSA has also used Football for Hope investment to run an international girls football tournament and has created a network of fellow development through football organisations across east Africa.