Issue #43 - 15 AUG 2014

New horizons for India
Hopes are high that a new influx of talented veterans from around the globe will enhance interest in the sport across India. Modelled on cricket’s Indian Premier League, the Indian Super League kicks off in October, offering a fresh start that could also benefit the country’s national team.

Major League Soccer
The MLS is hoping to build on the momentum generated by Team USA’s impressive showing at the World Cup and football’s remarkable surge in popularity Stateside – with a little help from David Beckham in Miami.

Sepp Blatter
The FIFA President supports the introduction of video evidence in football. The recent example of goal-line technology has shown how the sport can be enhanced by new innovations.

Football TV in Cameroon
Roger Milla’s four goals at Italia 90 heralded the start of World Cup football broadcasting in Cameroon from the capital Yaoundé. The Indomitable Lions’ progress to the quarter-finals that year made this early coverage particularly memorable.

The new Premier League season begins this weekend and promises to be one of the best yet, with at least five clubs in the hunt for the top spot.

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