Issue #44 - 22 AUG 2014

The playmaker
Once upon a time, Barcelona developed a style of play that has since gone on to flourish and take root all over the world. Pep Guardiola, Bayern coach since June 2013, is the central figure in the story’s most recent chapters. Jordi Punti reports from the Catalan capital on how it all began and the coaches who are trying to adopt the Spaniard's ideas.

James Rodriguez
The new Real Madrid star is the most in-demand player in the world at the present time. In interview, he talks about his glorious goals at the World Cup, the Colombia team and the trophies he has collected.

After decades of stagnation the Superliga is now developing in a positive direction. Albanian football still seems uncertain of its own identity, but it has recently become more open and evenly-matched.

Sepp Blatter
Football was Sepp Blatter’s first love and he has always remained fiercely loyal to the game. To mark the centenary of his home club FC Visp we look back over the FIFA President's eventful career.

Concussion in football
FIFA has initiated a pilot project in the Swiss league, supervised by Jiri Dvorak, aiming for speedier diagnosis of potential neurological damage sustained by players.

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