FIFA Fan Fest™

A Global Platform Unites the World

From Table Mountain to the Copacabana, from Durban Beach to the Eiffel Tower, from Soweto to Sydney Harbour, more than six million fans celebrated the official FIFA Fan Fest™ on all 31 tournament days in 16 locations across five continents.

The instant, and hugely positive, response to the introduction of the FIFA Fan Fest™ as an essential part of the 2006 FIFA World Cup™ experience in Germany created a huge demand for a similar scheme at the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™. Few, however, would have predicted just how successful the project would become.

To build on the success of Germany, FIFA and its partners took the bold step to expand the free-access platform globally, adding six iconic international locations to South Africa’s nine Host City venues, giving an unprecedented number of fans the opportunity to experience the unique atmosphere of a FIFA World Cup™ in a live environment. It was the next best thing to being inside the stadium!"

For the first time in FIFA World Cup™ history, a 31-day event was staged simultaneously in 16 venues across five continents, around the world. In addition to all nine South African Host Cities, FIFA Fan Fest™ locations in Berlin, Mexico City, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Rome and Sydney proved to be the perfect cosmopolitan hosts for a month-long carnival of football.

A common characteristic of all venues was the FIFA World Cup™ event branding, which transported the authentic stadium atmosphere to the city centres. Before and after the live broadcasts, the stages and screens featured a variety of highly popular entertainment line-ups, including concerts, cultural shows, fan activities by the Sponsors, Official Mascot appearances, FIFA Interactive World Cup™ competitions as well as DJ performances. In addition to the entertainment programme, a wide range of food, beverage and merchandise facilities contributed to a high-quality on-site fan experience. FIFA Fan Fest™ locations quickly became THE place from which to see the matches with friends and family.

Huge logistical operations and an exemplary coordination between FIFA and the cities were the basis for this success, ensuring that a visit to the FIFA Fan Fest™ remained a unique experience, irrespective of which day spectators could attend. More than 5,300 permanent staff and comprehensive security measures implemented by local authorities guaranteed an efficient coordination without any major incidents. While the cities or the agencies appointed by the cities were the organisers of the local events, FIFA assumed responsibility for the overall project management and the coordination of the operation as well as for providing the technical infrastructure such as the giant screens, stages and sound and lighting equipment for all 16 venues.

The FIFA Fan Fest™ was covered extensively by the world’s media. SABC at the FIFA Fan Fest™ South Africa, along with the respective Media Rights Licensees across the International FIFA Fan Fest™ venues, produced countless hours of live footage from the sites. A total of more than 5,000 accredited media members reported from the 16 FIFA Fan Fests™.

The extensive coverage across all media formats untapped an entirely new stream of reporting around the tournament and certainly added to the depth of coverage and level of exposure around the world.

Of course, the success of the FIFA Fan Fest™ was made possible largely by the participation of the stakeholders, including the Sponsors. The FIFA Partners Coca-Cola, Emirates, Hyundai and Sony supported the International FIFA Fan Fest™, while Coca-Cola was the Presenting Sponsor of the South African FIFA Fan Fest™ alongside MTN and Neo Africa.

The numbers speak for themselves: more than six million FIFA Fan Fest™ visitors, along with an overall satisfaction rate of some 97%, clearly and categorically confirmed the enormous popularity and success of the project. The FIFA Fan Fest™ is here to stay.