FIFA’s corporate brand

The FIFA corporate brand is epitomised by our promise “For the Game. For the World” and our mission “Develop the game, touch the world, build a better future”.

All of the programmes and activities that FIFA engages in fall under one of the three components of the mission, whether it is through organising referee coaching courses to “develop the game”, “touching the world” by staging the world’s biggest single-sport event the FIFA World Cup™ or helping to “build a better future” with one of many social development initiatives.

It is FIFA Marketing’s responsibility to give the FIFA brand a visual identity – something that is recognised in all corners of the world and can be seen as a stamp of authenticity and credibility for the programmes and initiatives that it is representing.

This is done by creating a corporate identity, an instantly recognisable “face” for the FIFA brand, whether this be on an advertising board surrounding a FIFA World Cup™ match or a coaching manual handed out at a development course.

FIFA’s Brand Management team is responsible for the development, implementation and marketing of FIFA’s visual brand identity, which is centred around two key elements.

1. The FIFA wordmark

The FIFA wordmark appears on all FIFA-endorsed items. Ranging from a piece of official event merchandise to a backdrop onstage at the FIFA Ballon d’Or, this four-letter wordmark can be seen and associated with all activities and events that FIFA arranges all over the world.

2. FIFA corporate design

FIFA’s corporate design was created to give FIFA a uniform look, particularly in written and on-screen materials. The FIFA corporate design also reflects the FIFA mission, with a different colour representing each of the three parts of the mission statement.

For more information on the FIFA wordmark and corporate design, please take a look at the link “The FIFA Corporate Mark”.

FIFA and the FIFA brand are at their most prominent during events. For information on this please visit the FIFA’s Event Brands section.