Exco 21.10.2011:
Structural set-up and transparency
  • Establishment of 4 task forces: (1) Revision of Statutes; (2) Ethics Committee; (3) Transparency & Compliance; (4) Football 2014
Reform work
Nov-Dec 2011

First Task Force meetings
  • First Task Force meetings: Revision of Statutes, Ethics Committee, Transparency & Compliance; analysis of situation and discussion of reform proposals
Exco 17.12.2011:
Details/update on first reform proposals
  • Establishment of Independent Governance Committee (formerly “Committee Good Governance”): definition of competences and appointment of members
  • Update on first reform proposals by the 4 task forces
Reform work
January – March 2012

Meetings of Task Forces
and Independent
Governance Committee
  • Further Task Force meetings: establishment of concrete reform proposals
  • Meetings of the IGC: evaluation of Task Forces' work and establishment of recommendations for the Executive Committee
Exco 31.03. 2012:
Definition of further reforms
  • Discussion of the Task Forces' reform proposals and the IGC's recommendations
  • Approval of reform proposals
Congress 25.05.2012 2012:
Approval of reforms and implementation
  • Implementation of reform proposals (first part): revised FIFA Statutes, Ethics Committee to be split into two chambers, new Audit and Compliance Committee with independent chairman, independence criteria, Code of Conduct         
ExCo 17.07.2012
Ethics Committee,
Code of Ethics
  • Appointment of the independent chairmen and the members of the Ethics Committee (based on the mandate given by the FIFA Congress)
  • Adoption of new Code of Ethics
Audit and Compliance
Aug and Oct 2012

Various reform proposals
  • First meetings of the new Audit and Compliance Committee
  • Elaboration of 26 reform proposals based on the work done by the Task Force Transparency & Compliance (e.g. FIFA Organisation Regulations, General Regulations on FIFA Development Programmes)
Member associations
Nov 2012 – Feb 2013
Consultation process on
remaining reforms
  • Working group chaired by Theo Zwanziger, including the general secretaries and legal directors of the confederations, to consult the 209 member associations on further
    amendments to the FIFA Statutes
ExCo 21.03.2013
Approval of reforms
  • Approval of further amendments to the Statutes
  • Approval of revised FIFA Organisation Regulations and General Regulations on FIFA Development Programmes
Congress 31.05.2013:
Completion of good governance process
  • New election of the members of the Ethics Committee
  • Approval of further changes to the FIFA Statutes