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Players' Agents List


Players' agents have not been licensed by FIFA since 2001. Players' agents are licensed directly by each association. Therefore, there is no such thing as a FIFA players' agent. The following list refers to the players' agents who have obtained a license from the respective and competent member association.
NameCompanyAddressOther info
JANTEMIROV Talgat Aiteke bi Str. 198, Apt. No. 63
ALMATY 050000
Tel:+7-701/750 08 37
MEDETOV Serik "Ur Ser JA" LLP Apt. 23, 15, Zhetysu-3, Microdistrict
ALMATY 05000
SAGNAYEV Abay Apt. 95, 8/1, Momyshuly str.
ASTANA 010000
UDEGBUNAM Samuel c/o Sportconsult Kurmangazy Str. 58-15
ALMATY 480064
Tel:+7-333/224 26 50
YBYRAY Meyram Apt. 18, 2a, Respubliki ave.
ASTANA 010000