FIFA-INTERPOL initiative
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Corruption and match manipulation remain the biggest threats to the integrity of football, and the increasing number of match-manipulation cases merely underlines the global nature of the problem. Organised syndicates of criminals are trying to undermine football at all levels of the game, and no region of the world is immune to the threat. Simply put: every country in the world could fall victim to corruption in football. The fight against corruption is a complex matter, and one for which there are no simple, fast solutions. Instead, the focus is on a sustainable, long-term programme and a coordinated approach.

In response to this worldwide, complex problem, the FIFA/INTERPOL initative was launched in May 2011 with a particular emphasis on prevention. The initiative can, however, only be a success if all FIFA member associations actively work to combat corruption and match manipulation. Consequently, we aim to develop and implement a global training, education and prevention programme to target illegal betting and match manipulation.

Objectives of the FIFA/INTERPOL initiative:
- Train and educate the key stakeholders so that they recognise, reject and report attempts to induce corruption or manipulate matches
- Train the criminal prosecution authorities in investigating and cooperating in cases of sports corruption and match manipulation

Thanks to the expertise and hard work of INTERPOL and FIFA, coupled with the cooperation of all involved parties, the FIFA/INTERPOL initiative has got off to a very good start. A European conference took place in Rome in January 2013, and that was followed by an Asian conference in Kuala Lumpur a month later. Furthermore, national and regional seminars have been held in Finland, Guatemala, the Netherlands, the USA, Turkey, Austria, Brazil, Ukraine, Japan, China PR, Slovenia, Russia, South Africa, Colombia and Algeria.