Nationality: USA
Date of Birth: 26.04.45
Mother tongue: English
Other languages: Spanish
Place of Residence: New York City

Confederation represented

FIFA Ex-Co member since

Football Executive

Professional career
Current and Past Positions: General Secretary of CONCACAF; Commissioner of the American Soccer League; Executive Vice President of the US Soccer Federation; Corporate Executive and Marketing Consultant.

Technology, video, internet, finance.

What does football mean to you?
Football means unity and teamwork. Individual and collective efforts joined to achieve common objectives. A slice of life.

Which football club did you support as a child?
Manchester United

Did you ever have an idol in football ?
Yes, but not a player, a majestic symbol of elegance in our sport, Dr. Joao Havelange.

What is your fondest footballing memory?
Mexico winning the Confederations Cup in 1999.

What has been your biggest disappointment in football?
Losing a player, Marc-Vivien Foé, while I was Chairman on the 2003 Confederations Cup in France, due to a congenital heart defect during the semi-final match in Lyon. Death should never be a consequence of our game.