Women's Football Resource Kit

FIFA promotes the development of football for girls and women and is committed to creating opportunities for female players, coaches, referees and officials to become actively involved in football.  
In view of this, FIFA is constantly developing new initiatives and programmes specifically designed for women's football development that can be adapted to the specific needs of all FIFA Member Associations.
The growth of the women's game in the coming years will be huge. In order to better address the increasing demand for knowledge about women's football and to give development tools to its member associations to be able to develop the beautiful game, FIFA has published the Women's Football Resource Kit.  
The Women's Football Resource Kit provides information about the following subjects:
- Best practices, case studies and key findings from all over the world;
- FIFA ambassadors for women's football;
- Health and fitness for female football players;
- Information about women's football today in FIFA's 208 member associations.
FIFA hopes that this new publication will be useful for associations, administrators, players and coaches alike. The kit will help to arm those working day to day in football with the tools and practical knowledge to help them to achieve results.