Technical support
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The technical support offered by FIFA to its member associations has always been based on the lynchpins of coaching and development of national teams and top tier leagues. However, it is equally worthwhile for associations to diversify their priorities, particularly as regards mass participation in football and its related disciplines. For associations that elect to develop grass roots football, women’s football, futsal or beach soccer, FIFA can also provide a considerable amount of technical support.


FIFA strives to develop football within its member associations, and provides support to associations looking to improve particular aspects of their game. Via specific proactive programmes, FIFA helps to improve the level of training given to those working in grass roots football, refereeing, women’s football, beach soccer, futsal and goalkeeper coaching. The provision of seminars and courses, as well as teaching and coaching materials, constitute the core elements of the support offered by FIFA.


  • Developing mass participation in football for the 6-12 age groups, and enhancing or creating grass roots frameworks, e.g. tournaments, leagues, school football
  • Helping member associations to organise and develop refereeing
  • Helping member associations to organise, develop and promote women’s football
  • Offering assistance to member associations wishing to develop their futsal potential
  • Offering assistance to member associations wishing to develop their beach soccer potential
  • Helping member associations to train goalkeeping coaches on a nationwide basis