Goal : Presentation and status

The Goal Programme allows each member association of FIFA to receive funding for football development projects that respond to the special needs of their national associations.

Launched in 1999 by FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter, the Goal Programme has to date provided support for over 500 development projects across the world, with a total of USD 200 million having been invested in them.

In making this contribution to the world of football FIFA has helped and continues to help build national association headquarters, training academies and artificial and grass pitches. In doing so it has responded to the FIFA President’s primary objective of giving national associations with the least resources the infrastructures they need to carry out their work.

The project has evolved over the years and continues to fulfil this goal by funding plans to extend and refurbish infrastructures, while also enabling member associations to fund a wide range of projects: the creation of youth academies, the modernisation of national association computer systems, and the promotion of women’s football, futsal and beach soccer, etc. For example, through the Goal Football projects, funding is provided over the course of three years for the construction of youth academies.

For the 2011-2014 cycle, and with the approval of the Congress, FIFA’s Executive Committee has set funding for each Goal project at USD 500,000. In addition each project must be submitted to the Goal Bureau for its approval.

Goal Programme Status

The Goal Programme is now an essential source of support for member associations, as is the FIFA Financial Assistance Programme. A sizeable majority of associations have already benefited from several projects approved under Goal.


Goal Programme:

193 countries have benefitted from 1 project
166 countries have benefitted from 2 projects
113 countries have benefitted from 3 projects
44 countries have benefitted from 4 projects
5 countries have benefitted from 5 projects
1 country has benefitted from 6 projects

Breakdown of projects by confederation:

Asia: 124
Africa: 143
North, Central America and the Caribbean: 79
South America: 29
Oceania: 36
Europe: 93

Status of ongoing projects:

Projects opened: 215
Completed projects yet to be officially opened: 110
Projects in the process of completion: 72
Projects still in preparatory phase: 104 + 19
Delayed projects: 3