Programme scope

The support, expertise and services offered by FIFA to member associations taking part in the programme can be divided into, but are not limited to, the following areas:

Strategic areas

  • Organisational review
    Conducting an analysis of every aspect of how associations function. Helping associations to prepare for the implementation of the Performance programme.
  • Leadership seminar
    Bringing together the heads of member associations over a period of several days in order to clarify the roles, priorities and methods found at the upper echelons of a national football association.
  • Mentorship for secretary generals
    Helping associations’ secretary generals – especially those just taking up the position – to understand the responsibilities and issues involved in this role.
  • Mentorship for national technical directors
    Helping associations’ national technical directors – especially those just taking up the position – to understand the responsibilities and issues involved in this role.
  • Strategic planning
    Supporting associations in the establishment of a long-term management and business plan, so that strategic objectives can be met.
  • Governance
    Helping member associations to implement or improve internal decision-making mechanisms.

Specific areas

  • League and club development
    Helping to define the different roles and responsibilities of national associations, leagues and clubs, as well as the technical and administrative set-up of competitions and clubs.
  • Management
    Providing member associations with a basic management tool for administering all of their operations.
  • Finance
    Helping member associations and their respective heads of finance to optimise the management of existing resources and to plan for a diversification of income streams.
  • Marketing and income generation
    Diversifying and maximising member associations’ income streams. Positioning associations and their products as market leaders.
  • Information technology
    Modernising member associations’ IT structures and infrastructure, with the possibility of hardware and software support.
  • Communication
    Assisting member associations in managing their image, the media and their public relations.
  • Social responsibility
    Helping member associations to put together a social responsibility policy, to search for social partners and to create and implement social messages and initiatives.
  • Event management
    Offering support to associations in terms of optimising the organisation of sporting events of varying size and importance, from the FIFA World Cup™ to a simple friendly match.
  • Infrastructure development
    Supporting associations in their launching of development projects. Helping to extend or renovate sporting and administrative infrastructures.