From the inception of the programme’s pilot stage in 2008 until the beginning of 2011, FIFA has organised nearly 200 activities in close to 70 countries.

Participation in the PERFORMANCE programme entails a commitment on the part of FIFA and the member association lasting many years, commencing with an analysis of the association’s needs, a strategic review of the organisation and its priorities, before specific objectives and activities are determined and arranged.

The starting point of the programme is the organisational review essential to the member association's development: during this period of cooperation between the association and FIFA’s experts, the former’s short-term and medium-term strategic, management and technical priorities are defined.

To achieve this, the PERFORMANCE programme requires FIFA’s networks of management and technical experts to work closely together, with the goal of proposing coordinated action, and to create synergies between different areas of intervention.

An example of this is national league and top tier club development, where a combination of experts in football administration and technical development are called upon. Steps taken can include training courses for coaches, the organisation of competitions, marketing, management and so on.