Common injuries

There are a few injury types that make up the bulk of injuries in football. Not surprisingly, they mostly concern the legs of players. Fortunately, severe injuries are very rare.

Every sport has injuries that are typical for the movement and action involved. The vast majority of injuries in football are minor to mild - muscle contusions (bruises) and joint sprains are the most frequent types of injury.

While it is obviously best to prevent injuries in the first place, you may find some facts on the most common football injuries below as they might occur to you:

  • Ankle injuries
    An Ankle sprain is the single most common injury in football. Learn here why you should nevertheless not take it too lightly.
  • Knee injuries
    One of the most severe injuries in football is an anterior cruciate ligament tear of the Knee. But there are further structures that can be affected.
  • Hamstring injuries
    The hamstrings are the muscles at the back of your thigh. They get rather frequently injured with sprinting or sudden moves.
  • Head injuries
    The most important issue in a Head injury is to exclude a concussion. Learn here how you may recognise this particularly troubling injury.