Protecting your health

For more than a decade, making football a safe sport has been our major objective. By minimising any negative effects and optimising influencing factors you will get the most out of the game.

Just to avoid any misunderstanding: football is not a risky sport but a healthy and fun exercise. Presumably, every player firstly thinks of injuries when it is about what might compromise his or her health and performance in football. But there are a few other areas where some precautions and measures help you to protect yourself from harm and excel in your skills.

We want to show you how to maximise your health benefits from the game:

  • Minimising risks when playing
    Extremely rarely, players might suffer from an inborn heart disease they do not know about. Some questions may alert to an underlying heart problem and a careful medical examination may detect it. Learn here how to prevent SCD. Extreme climate conditions may be a challenge. Some things to consider when you are playing in the heat.
  • Food for football
    Good food choices can not only make you a better player, they also provide your body with everything it needs to meet the physical challenges of the game.