Although many players use dietary supplements, there is little proof of an effect in football. Few of the products are supported by proper research, and in fact might be dangerous for your health. Substances such as proteins you can easily get in sufficient amount from everyday foods.

You should focus on a well-balanced diet – supplements cannot compensate for poor food choices.

For more information, please refer to the 'Nutrition for Football' PDF (pages 29-31)

Quite a few supplements promise to reduce body fat as well as to build stronger and bigger muscles. The reality is that many of the products are either on the Prohibited List or carry serious health risks – or both. The intake of supplements may lead to a positive doping test as often the critical ingredients are not declared. But when it comes to doping tests, you are responsible for everything you eat and drink. Ignorance is no excuse for a positive result.

At the moment, there is no guarantee of the purity of any supplements. Check all supplements with your team doctor. If there is any doubt at all, don’t take it. Avoiding supplements altogether is the safest way.


  • If it works….it’s probably banned.
  • If it’s not banned…it probably doesn’t work.

For more information, please refer to the 'Nutrition for Football' PDF (pages 32-33)