Playing football is fun. Playing football is healthy

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Football for Health
Playing football is fun. Playing football, ambitiously or just for fun, is healthy, keeps you fit and protects you from life-style diseases
The “FIFA 11+”
"The FIFA 11+" is a complete warm-up package for football players. The programme was developed by an international group of experts. In a scientific s...

Medical - Vision

Medical - Vision
To improve everyone’s health through football and science.

    Medical - Mission

    Medical - Mission
    To provide the knowledge and skill for protecting the health of female and male players of all ages and levels as well as for promoting football as a key tool in public health.



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        FIFA Medical Centres of Excellence
        FIFA wants every player to know where to turn to when it comes to health. When you are injured, all you want is returning to action as soon as possibl...
          Medical Committee
          The Medical Committee addresses all medical issues relating to football and attempts to discover new ways of protecting the health of players.