Key Messages:

  • Washing your hands regularly can decrease your risk of getting diarrhoea.
  • You must wash your hands after using the toilet or sneezing and before eating, cooking, or touching your face.
  • Proper hand washing includes:
    • Using soap and clean water
    • Washing all parts of your hands for at least ten seconds
    • Rinsing your hands with clean water
    • Drying your hands on a clean towel or shaking off excess water
  • Keep your fingernails short and clean dirt from under them.
  • If there is no soap available, wash your hands in clean water as best you can until you can find some soap.

Make Your Move: Teach 2 friends how to wash their hands properly

Protect your goal with a strong defence. Protect yourself from infections by washing your hands before eating and cooking and after using the toilet.
Carles Puyol

Health Fact: You can reduce your chances of getting diarrhoea by almost a half if you wash your hands properly.