Key Messages:

  • Using drugs and alcohol is a choice you make and it is something you can avoid.
  • You can stand up to the pressure to use drugs and alcohol.
  • You can avoid drugs and alcohol by building your team with people who support you and care for you.
  • Drugs like tik, mandrax (buttons), marijuana, and heroin have dangerous consequences, including:
    • Addiction
    • Depression and other mental illnesses
    • Heart failure
    • Loss of friends and harm to your family
    • Poverty
  • Alcohol use is a big problem in South Africa, even though it is legal for adults.
  • If you or someone you know has a problem with drugs or alcohol, you can contact the Helpline at 0800 121314 or go to Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

Make Your Move: Make a map of your community, and then

  • Draw the safe places where people don’t pressure you to use drugs, and alcohol
  • Draw the dangerous places where people are using drugs and alcohol.

Forwards make the right moves on the pitch to avoid defenders. Make the right moves off the pitch to avoid drugs and alcohol.
Cristiano Ronaldo

Health Fact: Certain brain cells help us to think and learn. We need these brain cells to make smart decisions. Using tik for a long time can kill up to 50 per cent of these brain cells.