Key Messages:

  • HIV is spread through the contact of the bodily fluids from two people, when one of the people is HIV positive.
  • HIV is spread through:
    • Unprotected sex with an infected person
    • Blood-to-blood contact with an infected person
    • Mother-to-child transmission at birth and during breastfeeding
  • You can avoid getting HIV
  • You can protect yourself from HIV by following the ABC guide:
    • Abstain from sex as long as possible
    • Be faithful to one sexual partner at a time
    • Use a Condom correctly every time you have sex
  • HIV testing is free at local VCT centers and public clinics.

Make Your Move: Find a partner and run with him or her to the closest site for HIV testing. Make sure to look at your resource sheet for the exact location.  If you have a soccer ball, try dribbling the ball all the way there!

Don't be afraid to use your head in football. Use your head also to make smart decisions to avoid HIV, such as abstaining from sex, Being faithful to one partner and using a condom every time you have sex.
Michael Essien

Health Fact: About 19 per cent of South Africans who are 15 years or older are living with HIV or AIDS.  That means one out of every five adults in South Africa is living with HIV.