Key Messages:

Girls and women deserve respect and honesty from boys and men

  • Boys and girls and men and women should communicate with each other to make important decisions.
  • Boys should respect girls and women and they should avoid harmful behaviours, such as physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.
  • Boys should stand up for girls and women.
  • Girls can stand up against abuse.
  • Girls can achieve anything a boy can achieve.
  • Girls and women have the right to say no to sex.
  • Everybody should report violence or abuse against girls and women.

Make Your Move: You can make better passes if you learn to use both your stronger and your weaker leg. Try doing everything with your weaker side, such as kicking a football,  brushing your teeth, opening doors, even writing!

In football, successful teams respect the contributions made by all players. In life, men and women should respect each other; otherwise, it's like playing football with only half a team.
Thierry Henry

Health Fact: A woman is killed every six hours by her sexual partner in South Africa. This is the highest reported rate in the world!