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From February to June 2010, 395 children, aged ten to 14 years, were taught the “11 for Health” programme in an out-of-school intervention using coaches recruited from the local Bulawayo community who had no previous teaching experience. This project was again implemented in collaboration with Grassroot Soccer, the non-governmental organisation already involved in South Africa and delivering football-based HIV/AIDS prevention programmes in Zimbabwe.

A 30-item questionnaire was used to assess children’s health knowledge before and after the programme, and a six-item questionnaire assessed children’s views on the “11 for Health” programme to learn if they enjoyed being part of it. A considerable health gain was observed in the children and they received it very positively.

As in South Africa, Grassroot Soccer will investigate a possible dependency of the effect of “’11 for Health” on the age of the children in 2011. About 2,400-3,000 children from four age-groups (11, 12, 13, 14 years old at start of programme) will be participating in this project that will again take place in an out-of-school surrounding.