Prior to FIFA U-20 World Cup Colombia 201, in July and August, discussions on the legacy of the event had started with both the Colombian Football Association (COLFUTBOL) with regard to the launch of the ‘11 for Health’. After first official meetings during the event, F-MARC travelled to Colombia in September to engage with all stakeholders and set up a plan for the gradual implementation of the programme.

Four regions were identified as the starting points: Bogota, Cali, Cartagena, Manicales. As the disease profile in Colombia differs from the one encountered in Africa, for which the programme was originally developed, some changes in the messages were discussed to focus on the major problems such as overweight issues/obesity and drug abuse.

With growing experience in several countries in Africa, certain patterns of implementation had proven successful and were now to be tested in a different setting. A course for coaches was planned in December 2011 for twenty physical exercise teachers and twelve football coaches. The implementation will start about two months later in a total of 12 secondary schools in four different regions, involving altogether about 1200 boys and girls aged 11-12 years.

As in all countries, the effect of the programme on the health knowledge of children will be assessed by a questionnaire completed by them prior to and after the eleven weeks of learning.