Playing football is fun. Playing football, ambitiously or just for fun, is healthy, keeps you fit and protects you from life-style diseases. Football unites people of different age, gender, social and cultural background and is full of symbols, making learning fun, too. 'Football for Health' means playing football, protect yourself from injuries and learn how to live a healthy life.

11 for Health
Health is key to development and growth. Developing countries have to fight poverty, hunger and infections, but also diseases that proliferate with increasing prosperity. While HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis are still killing millions worldwide, diabetes, hypertension, obesity and heart disease are catching up. Football, the one passion that unites people of all ages, gender, languages, colour, cultures and religions, may prove a uniquely effective and low-cost tool in the world’s fight for health.

Play football – play fair
The '11 for Health' programme improves children’s knowledge, attitudes and behaviour towards diseases. Eleven simple messages on prevention, all based on scientific facts and linked to a specific football action, are learned in group plays during eleven 90-minute sessions. The first half is called ‘Play Football’ and instructs the specific football skill. The second half is called ‘Play Fair’ and informs about the specific health issue and teaches children healthy behaviours to protect themselves.

World-renowned players have agreed to adopt and promote “their” individual messages.

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