The Fight against Doping

In close cooperation with WADA-accredited laboratories, F-MARC has conducted several studies on the variability of hormone levels under different conditions and on the excretion of certain hormones in the urine.

FIFA has also established its own database on the results of doping control tests within football. Consequently, FIFA has been able to understand the problems based on facts, figures and the statistical analysis of the testing results, and to draw conclusions for their global, harmonised strategy in the fight against doping in football.

FIFA and F-MARC have developed a worldwide network of specialists who are involved in anti-doping education within the confederations and FIFA Member Associations as well as in conducting doping controls at national, international and FIFA competitions.

FIFA also closely collaborates with the World Anti-Doping Agency and other international team sports federations and has substantially contributed to the further development of the World Anti-Doping Code, particularly with regard to individual case management and the specific requirements of team sports as opposed to individual sports.