F-MARC, jointly with the FIFA Medical Committee and the FIFA Doping-Control Sub-Committee, is also responsible for the education of physicians and medical staff in football medicine.

In cooperation with a group of experts in sports medicine, F-MARC created and published the "Football Medicine Manual" in the four official FIFA languages. It provides FIFA Member Associations with concise information on the health, fitness of players as well as on injuries and their prevention.

Originally published in the four official FIFA languages, the manual has meanwhile been translated into Japanese, Czech, Polish and Arabic. Furthermore, carefully selected experts were convened and have created so-called consensus statements, meaning advice and support to guide physicians and players based on the current scientific evidence.

Such statements have been published on the definition and assessment of injury, on the diagnosis and treatment of concussion, on nutrition for football, as well as on playing football at different altitude.

In addition, F-MARC continuously conducts educational courses (FUTURO III) on the confederation level. In future, an extranet for physicians as well as new educational approaches involving the new media will be evaluated.

Finally, the certification of established football medicine institutions as FIFA Medical Centres or Clinics of Excellence (click on the right for more on FIFA Medical Centres of Excellence) will guide players and coaches in their search for expert care in football medicine worldwide.