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FIFA offers an extensive programme of courses to educate and train instructors, coaches, referees, doctors, managers and journalists. These courses focus not just on the technical aspects of the game, but also on its social values, as youngsters in particular should regard football as a school of life. The principle behind FIFA's educational initiatives involves the teachers and participants passing on and exchanging know-how, experiences and information, which in turn finds its way back to the associations, instructors and other sectors of society such as the private sector, government bodies and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). FIFA's programme is tailor-made to meet the member associations' requirements for education and courses. FIFA's courses ultimately increase the number of trained instructors, which boosts the long-term, targeted development of football all around the world.


  • To create a network of FIFA instructors and to improve their technical and educational skills;
  • To hold courses on all relevant topics;
  • To produce and distribute teaching material and documents for courses;
  • To coordinate the international scheduling of courses with events organised by all six confederations;
  • To promote modern communications technology to disseminate information;
  • To promote an exchange of knowledge and experiences among the member associations;
  • To improve cooperation between FIFA members, government bodies, nongovernmental organisations, the media and economic partners.