Futuro III - FIFA's Pro-Active Course Programme
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FUTURO III focuses on the education of member association instructors in the topics of coaching, refereeing, administration and management and sports medicine. Participants in this programme are expected to be actively teaching in their member associations, both before and after the course.

Format of Futuro III Programme
FUTURO III courses use a regional format, assembling and educating instructors selected by the member associations from neighbouring countries in a centralised venue. A maximum of two instructors per member association may participate in any one course, depending on the qualifications of the applicants and size of the country. As such, up to ten countries can benefit from a single FUTURO III course. It is intended that the instructors participating in this programme are active at the end of each course, and as such, relevant activity plans will be elaborated by the participating member associations with the support of FIFA. A yearly allocation of courses that endeavours to touch all regions will be decided upon by FIFA. The courses should be held at facilities financed through the FIFA Goal and/or FAP projects wherever possible.

Financial arrangements
FIFA covers the following costs associated with a FUTURO III course: all expenses for the course instructors; a fixed amount towards the accommodation costs for the participants' course facilities and relevant technical installations; 50 per cent of the participants' international travel expenses in economy class; teaching material and equipment provided by FIFA.

The host member association is responsible for: all local transportation for instructors and participants; customs/taxes for teaching material and equipment and other residual expenses not covered by FIFA.

Member associations sending participants to the course are responsible for: 50 per cent of the cost of international travel for their participants to attend the course; entry visas and other related expenses; any other expenses related to the course not mentioned above.