Com-Unity Course Programme

Com-Unity is a Presidential programme, the purpose of which is to improve awareness of the value football can have in a country. As such, the course is intended to improve cooperation and communication between a member association, its government, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working in the country, other partners and the media. Furthermore, the programme distributes knowledge on communication and marketing skills to help member associations attract partners and sponsors

Format of Com-Unity Courses
Each Com-Unity course is a three-day programme of working sessions organised by the member association in cooperation with FIFA. It brings together key representatives from the government, NGOs, media and the national football family, and is intended to be open to the whole community. Participation by key individuals from the government, the media, actual and potential partners and other organisations is requested and is a critical component of this course; invitations for these individuals are to be extended by the member associations hosting the course.

Financial arrangements
FIFA covers the expenses of the instructors and FIFA representatives, course facilities and relevant technical installations, as well as the production and shipment of the course material. The organising member association is responsible for all local transport, customs, tax expenses and any other residual expenses not covered by FIFA. Wherever possible, the workshop should be held in FIFA Goal and/or Financial Assistance Programme (FAP)-financed facilities.