FIFA Master - International Master in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport

Endorsed by FIFA and organised by the International Centre for Sport Studies (CIES), the FIFA Master was created to promote management education within the sports world. It has developed to become a top graduate programme forming all-round managers who can cope with the increasingly complex world of sport. 

A Unique Programme
The FIFA Master takes its graduates on a unique journey through three different European countries to study sport. Three distinguished universities in England, Italy and Switzerland, which are among Europe’s most sports-oriented countries, have come together to provide a ten-month programme that combines top-class academic teaching and practical case studies supplemented by guest speakers and field visits. The course focuses on three key and inter-related aspects of sport: humanities, management and law. 

Developing Unique People
The FIFA Master offers a dynamic international environment with around 20 different nationalities represented in the class of approximately 30 postgraduates that are selected each year. The international, multi-disciplinary approach provides postgraduates with the opportunity to learn a broad range of subjects and develop their analytical skills to better cope with the fast changing trends in the sports industry.

For a Unique Industry
The FIFA Master offers a unique opportunity to meet top executives from high-level international sports federations, clubs, agencies, and organising committees, enabling students to build up their own network of contacts – one of the keys to a successful career in sport. On top of these opportunities, each graduate also becomes a member of the FIFA Master Alumni Association (FMA). The FMA plays a crucial role in connecting all alumni of the FIFA Master, creating lifelong bonds between graduates.

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