Robert Prosinecki
A legend of Yugoslavian football, his skill and vision enabled him to provide one crucial pass after another and become the only player to have scored World Cup goals for two different national teams. The 46-year-old discusses unforgettable victories and bitter defeats in an interview with Massimo Franchi.

Sepp Blatter
In his weekly column the FIFA President reflects upon the 60-year history of the Asian Football Confederation, saying: “The AFC symbolises the importance of football as a school of life.”

Martina Voss-Tecklenburg
The German coach is keen to cause a sensation with the Swiss women’s national team and infuse the side with her winning mentality.

A visit to Wales is not just about castles, beaches and pubs – there is plenty of football on offer too. At the Liberty Stadium, Swansea City have been delivering impressive Premier League performances since 2011. 

The country is preparing for three Superclásicos in the space of eleven days.