Danny Jordaan, Chief Executive Officer of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ Organising Committee, has praised FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter on his recent visit to the Middle East.

President Blatter completed his trip to Palestine, Israel and Jordan on Monday. While there he met with figures from all three nations as, amongst other official business, the pursued the mandate – presented to him at the 63rd FIFA Congress – of trying to improve the current state of football in Palestine.

It was this mission that inspired Jordaan, who was also a member of Nelson Mandela's government in South Africa, to write to the FIFA President. “ I was very touched when I saw your interview and action on dealing with the Palestine issue,” he said.

“This clearly shows courage and leadership on your part. The right thing is not always the popular thing to do. Your actions today will certainly put a smile on Madiba’s(Nelson Mandela) face.”

President Blatter said the FIFA delegation's trip to the Middle East was part of “a sport-diplomatic mission” in a bid to transmit the problems Palestinian footballers face to the Israeli authorities. It has clearly resonated with Jordaan. “ Your actions remind us of the work you have done in anti-racism and your persistence in championing the cause that all human beings have equal worth,” he continued.

“Your voice will not be lost in the desert of injustice, but will rather be a shining beacon to those who feel that justice will one day flow like a river."