FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter today reiterated at the Early Warning System (EWS) congress in Zurich the need for punishment that hits hard against any form of racism. As mentioned previously the FIFA President underlined that fines achieve little, but points deductions and exclusion from competitions would be effective measures. He also stressed that prevention must go hand in hand with punishment.

He acknowledged that the implementation of these sanctions might pose some challenges, such as a potential risk that the system could be abused by some spectators for the only purpose of getting a very unfair advantage for their team. Such issues will be carefully examined and will in no way alter the FIFA President’s very strong commitment towards the eradication of the racism scourge from football and his zero tolerance towards any form of racism.

At no stage did the FIFA President say any words that could be interpreted as him backing away from his firm position to sanction actions of any form of racism.