Following on from an initial meeting in November 2012, the working group responsible for consulting the 209 member associations on proposals regarding the revisions of the FIFA Statutes met for a second time at the Home of FIFA in Zurich on 26 February 2013. 

Chaired by FIFA Executive Committee member Theo Zwanziger, the working group was created in September 2012 at the request of the FIFA Executive Committee and is comprised of the General Secretaries, as well as the Legal Directors of the six confederations and FIFA.

The constructive session included a final analysis of the ten items identified by the Task Force Revision of Statutes for discussion. These included:

1. Confirmation of the members of the FIFA Executive Committee by the FIFA Congress

2. Composition of the FIFA Executive Committee

3. Election of the FIFA President (cf. art. 24 par. 3 of Encl. C)

4. Term of office (cf. art. 21 par. 9 of Encl. C)

5. Age limit (cf. art. 21 par. 8 of Encl. C)

6. Stronger representation of interest groups in FIFA

7. Bidding process/decision on venue of FIFA World Cup™ (cf. art. 81 of Encl. C)

8. Various clarifications and specifications in the FIFA Statutes

9. International Football Association Board (IFAB)

10. Regulations governing candidatures for the office of FIFA President

Encl. C refers to the draft FIFA Statutes as proposed by the Task Force Revision of Statutes, the draft of which was distributed to the member associations for information before the 2012 FIFA Congress in Budapest. The remaining topics for the revision of the Statutes, will, as previously stated, be presented at the 2013 FIFA Congress.

Following today’s meeting, the recommendations by the working group will now be sent to the FIFA Legal Committee, which will meet on 7 March to draw up the remaining proposals and submit a draft to the FIFA Executive Committee for deliberation at its next meeting on 20/21 March in Zurich.

The final proposals approved by the FIFA Executive Committee will be presented to the FIFA Congress in Mauritius on 31 May, with the 209 member associations taking a final vote.

The road map for the revision of the FIFA Statutes has been confirmed by the working group as follows:

7 March 2013: Meeting of the FIFA Legal Committee to draw up the remaining proposals and submit draft to FIFA Executive Committee

20-21 March 2013: FIFA Executive Committee review and approve remaining reform proposals to be submitted to the FIFA Congress

31 May 2013: FIFA Congress to review and vote on remaining reform proposal