The FIFA Quality Programme is offering an internationally recognised and dependable industry standard for quality and reliability in the areas where it matters to football players most: the equipment, surface, technology and services used for their game.

The goal of the programme is to improve the game and to protect the players, clubs and associations by endorsing products which comply with the highest safety and quality standards. The research that the quality programme is built on includes in-depth studies, surveys and analyses of players’ needs and encompasses various aspects of safety, performance, durability, quality assurance and playing comfort. These studies have been carried out in collaboration with an outstanding research network consisting of universities, test institutes, sports organisations, standard institutes and independent consultants from all over the world.

Besides technical requirements, the FIFA Quality Programme also accounts for ethical standards. Social responsibility is an integral part of the certification criteria and assures compliance with ethical business practices in terms of child labour, working hours, health and safety requirements, and environmental responsibility as laid down in the code of conduct of the World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI).

If a product is tested and the test results are compliant with all of the standards, the product can be certified by FIFA and will be awarded one of the FIFA QUALITY labels. The different quality categories have been tailored according to the needs of the players.