The Committee for Science, Education and Culture (CSEC-N) of the National Council of the Swiss Federal Assembly visited the FIFA headquarters on 1 November 2013. This was an opportunity for the members of the Swiss parliament to discover the many activities of world football’s governing body and also to talk with the representatives of FIFA on a range of different subjects.

The talks covered a series of topics on which FIFA is currently working, such as its governance reform process, the fight against racism and discrimination, tackling match manipulation and its work in the area of football development.

FIFA Secretary General Jérôme Valcke stressed that it was important to maintain regular, transparent dialogue with the Swiss governmental and public authorities at all levels of the Swiss Confederation. “We appreciate opportunities like these, which enable us to engage in dialogue that is open, direct and sometimes even critical, but also constructive.”

As the meeting concluded, CSEC-N Chairman Christian Wasserfallen said “Our committee is responsible for sports matters in the Swiss parliament. It was important for me, as chairman of these committees, to be able to ask critical questions. We are very pleased with this meeting with FIFA. We appreciated the fact that their representatives talked openly with us and we hope that it will continue in this way in the future. These relations are headed in the right direction.”

Maya Graf, of the Green Party of Switzerland, appreciated “the efforts made by FIFA to develop women’s football and even more should be done. It gives some young girls in the world an incredible chance to be part of a community, to be respected. I believe women’s football has a bright future ahead of it.”