After various meetings between FIFA vice-president and CONCACAF President, Jeffrey Webb, FIFA Director of Members Associations and Development, Thierry Regenass, and local stakeholders, GFA has agreed to withdraw the injunction in the civil court imparted to the Guyana Football Federation while GFF will recognize GFA as a full member and reinstate their voting rights, among other points.

“The goal of this visit has been to create dialogue within the football community, find cooperation and have a reinvigoration of the sport in Guyana,” said Webb. “We have met with all parties involved to give them the opportunity to engage and participate in the resolution of these matters

“We are very pleased with the commitment we have seen throughout our meetings to promote the sport and ultimately reach a final agreement. We trust we will set a clear roadmap to restore the integrity of the game among all the GFF Member Associations.”

Regenass confirmed that, as part of the reconciliation process, FIFA will accept the GFA’s written commitment that all injunctions are immediately withdrawn in the local civil court thus avoiding the need to submit this issue to its Executive Committee for sanction.

“In the spirit of reconciliation and for the progress of football in Guyana, we have gathered to assist in the process of reaching a binding agreement with our full supervision of its roadmap to ensure the fulfillment of all requirements,” said Regenass. “We are hopeful to see a unified football fraternity in Guyana. We should move forward past matters and build for the future development and growth of the game in the country.”

During private meetings held at the Pegasus Hotel today, a delegation representing GFF, led by acting President Franklin Wilson and General Secretary Noel Adonis, and officials from GFA, headed by President Vernon Burnett and General Secretary, Christopher Matthias, both parties have agreed to move beyond their past grievances under CONCACAF and FIFA recommended provisions regarding past disputes.

“In an effort to regenerate an environment of trust, we are in accordance with the resolutions rendered today provided all parties comply with the agreement,” said Wilson. “We thank CONCACAF and FIFA for coming to Guyana in order to re- establish a good atmosphere and cooperation among all football stakeholders.”

“We very much welcome this intervention,” said Burnett. “In the interest of the development of the game, GFA would like to contribute to football by agreeing to the developmental proposals made by FIFA and CONCACAF in this agreement.”