Review all the activities of FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter's visit to west Africa, which included the CAF Congress and the CAF Africa Cup of Nations final.

*All times are CET.

12 February, 23.55: After an amazing CAN final in Libreville, which the FIFA President judged to be of "great intensity", the FIFA delegation will head back to Europe ending three intense days in west Africa.

12 February, 20.30: The FIFA President is attending the final of the CAF Africa Cup of Nations in Stade de l'Amitie in Libreville, Gabon. A bit earlier he could see the closing ceremony in which he summarized as "all the magic of Africa" on his Twitter account.

12 February, 17.30: The FIFA President is now on his way to the Stade de l'Amitie (the Friendship Stadium) in Libreville for the CAF Africa Cup of Nations 2012 final between Côte d'Ivoire and Zambia.

11 February, 19.00: The FIFA President met with African federations representatives throughout the day as well as the AFP President Emmanuel Hoog - meetings in which he considered "enriching".

11 February, 11.00: Today, the FIFA President and his delegation are meeting some FA Presidents for informal meetings.

10 February, 18.00: At the post-Congress press conference, President Blatter did "congratulate the two countries for their joint organisation. We now have four wonderful stadiums which are up to international standards." He added that "Football gives you the possibility to have a positive even if what around you is negative. Enjoy the game, have pleasure in life and enjoy the present as the present is a gift. Take advantage of it."

10 February, 17.00:
The post-congress press conference, involving both CAF President Issa Hayatou FIFA General Secretary Jerome Valcke and the FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter, will be taking place imminently.

10 February, 15.24: The CAF Congress adopted a motion at the conclusion of the meeting, which backed of the fight against racism and supported the action of FIFA and its President. The motion, which was read in English by SAFA's Kirsten Nematandani, outlined the following:

"Noting that CAF, sometimes does not receive appropriate consideration from some institutions. Noting moreover that the President of CAF has in the past been the target of an unpleasant campaign, denounces the strategy by which the African sports movement and its officials are used as scapegoats by those who seek by all means to cover their tracks. Declares without reservation its total support for the President of CAF, Issa Hayatou, and for all officials of the African Sports Movement and expresses its thanks to the FIFA President, Joseph S. Blatter, for his continuous support for the development of Football in Africa and for his personal involvement in the fight against  racism in football."

10 February, 15.00: The FIFA President spoke to the delegates at the end of the CAF Congress saying that he was “happy to be in a confederation where we can feel unity and solidarity. This is good sign for African football. I thank you for your confidence. And I have to say it: my heart beat a bit more for this continent.”

10 February, 14.15: In his concluding speech, CAF President Issa Hayatou addressed the FIFA President, saying: “We are very happy with all the work you have done and keep doing for African football. We thank you for that."

We are very happy with all the work you have done and keep doing for African football. We thank you for that.

Issa Hayatou, CAF President.

10 February, 13.00: The CAF Congress has just admitted the South Sudan Football Federation as its 54th member. In doing so, CAF has become the biggest confederation in terms of membership.

10 February, 12.00: FIFA's Mustapha Fahmy, who spent 28 years at CAF and spent time as their Secretary General, was named an honourary member of CAF by the CAF Congress. They were recognising more than two decades of work he did with the confederation before departing for FIFA to become the Director of Competitions in October 2010.

10 February, 10.45: Coffee break at the CAF Congress, which is also attended by H.E. Ali Bongo Ondimba, President of Gabon. The FIFA President addressed the CAF delegates, explaining that governmental support is key for football development. On his twitter account (@SeppBlatter) he mentioned that he “emphasized the social dimension of football and the importance of good governance and football development.”

10 February, 09.15: The FIFA President is on now en route to the Cité de la Démocratie in Libreville, where the CAF Congress will start as of 09.30.

9 February, 20.55: FIFA President Blatter announces "it's great to be back in Africa," via his Twitter feed.

9 February, 20.30: The FIFA President and the FIFA delegation just arrived in Gabon's capital Libreville to attend the CAF congress (Friday morning) and the CAF Africa Cup of Nations final on Sunday.