The FIFA Football Committee, chaired by FIFA Executive Committee member Michel Platini, held a very constructive meeting today under its new composition at the Home of FIFA in Zurich.

Franz Beckenbauer and Pelé have joined the committee as special advisors following the dissolution of the FIFA Task Force Football 2014. Pelé, who has recently undergone surgery, was not able to attend today’s meeting.

The mandate of the Football Committee is now explicitly formulated in article 51 of the latest FIFA Statutes.

“Today is a decisive day in football. This committee has a huge mandate to tackle the important issues affecting football, starting with how to combat threats to football such as match-fixing and dealing with the structure and development of the game, as well as matters that are directly related to the game itself. The new composition is a veritable who’s who of football and these high-profile experts are best qualified to find the best solutions for the game,” explained FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter, who attended the entire meeting.

Line-up reinforced
The line-up of the committee has been further reinforced by former Leeds United and Liverpool player Harry Kewell (Australia), former El Salvador player Jaime Rodriguez, former star Algerian player Rabah Madjer, English Premier League Chief Executive Richard Scudamore, former President of the Hellenic Football Federation, Sofoklis Pilavios, and the current coach of the Jamaica national team, Theodore Whitmore.

“It was a wise decision to have joined forces in this revised Football Committee instead of having different forums dealing with the same matters as the Task Force Football 2014. Football is not untouchable. We must deal with the important aspects of the game and this committee is the right forum, it represents the power of football. I am very pleased to be part of this committee,” said Franz Beckenbauer.

Concerning the transfer of players, one of the subjects discussed by the committee, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge commented: “The current system and the ITC are very good and ensure that all transfers can be handled properly through FIFA.” 

As well as receiving an update on the position of women’s football, the committee discussed financial fair play and the protection of minors. It also deliberated the situation regarding player’s agents at length, and clearly underlined the need to create international standards with precise rules and regulations.

Third-party ownership of players was another important item on the agenda, with the committee reiterating that third-party ownership should be banned and requesting that FIFA introduce a mandatory regulation to prohibit third-party ownership in football in general. A proposal by FIFA should be submitted to the committee for deliberation at its next meeting.

“I am very proud to chair this prestigious committee,” said Michel Platini, adding: “The discussions we had today highlighted the competence of these members to address and effectively tackle crucial areas that impact football.”