With the Siyakhona programme, FIFA and Sony launched an ambitious initiative in 2009 to give youngsters in underprivileged communities the opportunity to learn to use digital cameras for photography and filming. Siyakhona, which means “we can” in the South African languages Zulu and Xhosa, is part of the FIFA Partners’ CSR programme through which FIFA is joining forces with its six Partners and which is implemented through Football for Hope.

The project provides young leaders and talents in disadvantaged communities around the world with electronic equipment, as well as digital photography and video courses to enhance their media and communication skills. The young people are all active participants and role models in community-based organisations that are supported through Football for Hope. Not only does the training and the hands-on experience provide these talented young people with the opportunity to learn practical and vocational skills, but it also helps the organisations with their communications, which also strengthens their fundraising capacity.

Siyakhona is coordinated by FIFA, Sony and streetfootballworld, and engages with local media companies that deliver the training in digital photography and filming and supervise the young participants in creating content.