The International Football Association Board (IFAB) under the chairmanship of Football Association of Wales President Phil Pritchard, convened for its Annual General Meeting (AGM) today (Saturday, 5 March 2011) at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, Wales.

The IFAB received a presentation on the Goal Line Technology tests conducted by EMPA between 7-13 February at the Home of FIFA. The IFAB heard that none of the ten companies were successful in meeting the criteria set out by the IFAB Annual Business Meeting on 20 October 2010, and therefore agreed to a further one year testing period.


A presentation was also made to the IFAB on the continued Additional Assistant Referees experiment and The IFAB approved that the implementation of the AAR’s during the EURO 2012 competition in Poland and Ukraine, should be part of the experiment phase.


The IFAB agreed that in relation to Law 4 – Players’ Equipment, the wearing of snoods should not be permitted. The Football Association of Wales’ proposal regarding Law 4 - Players’ Equipment was also approved. The IFAB agreed that the colour of undershorts or tights if worn, must be the same colour as the shorts.


FIFA’s proposal to add a new text to Law 5 - The Referee was also approved. The new text clarifies the Power and Duties of referees, in the event of an extra ball, object or animal entering the field of play during the match.


FIFA’s proposal related to Law 2 - The Ball was also approved, bringing a new text into the Laws of the Game should a ball burst or become defective during a penalty kick. The IFAB also approved new texts in relation to Law 1 - The Field of Play, concerning Field Markings and Goals. However, the proposal to re-define the location of commercial advertising, particularly behind the goal line, was deferred for further review at the 2012 IFAB AGM.


In other business, the usage of radio communication, and the discussion relating to Law 12 – Fouls and Misconduct, the so-called ‘triple punishment’ were both referred to the FIFA Task Force Football 2014. Finally, CONMEBOL were granted approval to trial the use of Vanishing Spray.


The decisions concerning the Laws of the Game taken today by the International Football Association Board will come into effect on 1 July 2011.


The 126th Annual General Meeting will take place in London, England between 2 and 4 March 2012.


A Special Meeting of the IFAB will take place to further discuss the Additional Assistant Referee and Goal Line Technology experiments, following the conclusion of the 2011/2012 European football season.