On Tuesday 26 October, at the Home of FIFA in Zurich, FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter added his signature to a BigShoe from the We love Africa aid project. Over recent months, the BigShoe has been signed by a number of prominent figures from the worlds of sport, politics, finance and culture.

The European size 100 shoe has football studs on the sole and also features the South African flag. It is a symbol for We love Africa, an organisation which provides aid to children in need as well as projects throughout the continent which hosted its first ever FIFA World Cup™ earlier this year in South Africa.

I'm delighted on a personal level to be involved with this very meaningful project.

FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter

During the final phase of the FIFA World Cup, We love Africa was also responsible for 32 city initiatives throughout South Africa in which 32 African children were given free operations. An international team of doctors and a number of African clinics came together to provide the medical treatment to African children in need. "We saw the 2010 World Cup as a chance and an obligation to combine a love of sport with a desire to help," explained Dr Igor Wetzel, director of We love Africa.

Now that it has been signed by FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter, the BigShoe will be given back to South African Nobel peace prize winner Nelson Mandela. The "Nelson Mandela Foundation" has also given real support to the We love Africa project. "I'm also delighted on a personal level to be involved with this very meaningful project," said Blatter, "particularly since the shoe is now going back to Nelson Mandela – the man who made the FIFA World Cup in South Africa possible."