Our new magazine FIFA World, in its fresh and attractive guise, will offer all the latest news each month from world football's governing body as well as providing background information about FIFA's various projects, members and competitions.

Football is of course more than just a game and this magazine will help demonstrate the important work FIFA continues to carry out beyond our flagship tournaments. Our unrelenting efforts to promote the game at all levels and to all ages, our determination to utilise football to combat discrimination and social inequalities, our passion to protect the simplicity and fairness of the sport: all of these driving elements are intended to find their voice in the pages of this magazine.

Even in difficult economic times, or perhaps especially then, it is essential that we renew and maintain our social responsibility. While FIFA has so far been left unscathed by the global financial crisis, our comfortable position will be used to further bridge the gap between the well-off members of the football family and those who need only a simple ball to bring some joy into their otherwise difficult lives. Our involvement in the Football for Hope movement is just one example of how our game continues to touch the world. Our social commitments involve much more than mere wealth distribution however.

Elsewhere in this magazine you will see how FIFA shares its administrative expertise to help member associations become more self-sufficient, how we exert our influence to insist on even safer international stadiums and how we continue to fight the inequalities within the game: using our 6+5 resolution to promote the development of young players, maintain the local identity of clubs and strengthen the national teams.

To remain successful we rely of course upon the ability to come together and exchange ideas and I am looking forward immensely to doing just that when our member associations gather for the June Congress in Nassau.