When the International FA Board (IFAB) convenes in Newcastle, County Down, Northern Ireland on Saturday, 28 February for its 123rd Annual General Meeting (AGM), a varied collection of topics will figure on the meeting's packed agenda.

Proposals to amend various Laws of the Game have been tabled for consideration including a change to Law 3 - The Number of Players to increase the maximum number of substitutions in the event of extra time and to Law 7 - The Duration of the Match to extend the maximum duration of the half-time interval.

Among other matters submitted for discussion are a recent IFAB-endorsed experiment involving additional assistant referees and the instigation of "sin bins".

The full agenda for the meeting, which will start at 9.30am, can be downloaded by clicking on the link to the right.

About IFAB
Founded in 1886, the IFAB is composed of The Football Association (England), The Scottish Football Association, The Football Association of Wales, The Irish Football Association (Northern Ireland) and FIFA, and has historically held the position as guardian of the Laws of the Game. Each British association has one vote apiece, while FIFA, which represents its 204 other member associations, has four. A three-quarter majority is required for any proposal to be passed.