The second day of FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter’s trip to Mexico has taken the delegation to Pachuca, 60 kilometres north of Mexico City. There, a sports centre bearing the name of the President of the world football was inaugurated on Tuesday 10 November.

"It’s an honour. Besides, it’s very rare to receive such a tribute in the presence of a country’s head of state, in this case Mexico President Felipe Calderon. I’m also delighted to be accompanied by Jack A. Warner, the CONCACAF President and FIFA Vice-President and Julio Grondona, FIFA Vice-President," said the FIFA President.

The sports centre features dressing rooms for the first team at Pachuca CF, traditionally one of Mexico’s biggest clubs, and a host of other facilities designed to improve training effectiveness.

Fair Play paramount
The head of global football’s governing body also had an important message for all the footballers in attendance. "One must respect opponents, referees and the fans. Of course in a match there is always adversity but Fair Play is fundamental. In football we learn how to win but also how to lose. It’s a school for life."

After the unveiling, the FIFA delegation’s next destination was Mexico City where on Wednesday 11 November they will be shown around Toluca’s stadium by club officials.