Sony's Twilight Football initiative showcased the beautiful game in seven charming locations across the globe.

Matches took place in Tintagel in the UK, the Antequera bullring in Spain, Iguazu Falls in Argentina, Venice in Italy, Zermatt in the Swiss Alps and the Pinnacle Desert in Australia, before the tournament reached its climax at the Aquila game reserve in South Africa. There, the official Twilight Football team took on a streetfootballworld side made up of three groups that work with young people in the townships around Cape Town.

streetfootballworld is a global network of organisations that use football to address social issues like education, health and women's rights. Together with FIFA, they established the Football for Hope movement.

Each of the seven locations was chosen for its unique scenery and challenging terrain, and provided the perfect backdrop and photographic canvas to showcase the action. "Incredible moments happen in football," said James Kennedy, Brand Communications Director at Sony Europe.

"It's not only a visually stunning game, but one that inspires an emotional reaction in fans all over the world. We wanted to do something to celebrate the unifying aspects of football, giving football and photography fans the once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience first-hand some of the most stunning locations in the modern world."

Sony made sure that followers across the globe felt as close to the action as possible, with a whole range of content and spectacular imagery available to bloggers, websites and social networks. Those also included a live Twitter stream from the events, video diaries, blogs and image galleries from participating teams and attendees, as well as interviews with the winners.

Players for each of the seven matches, and photographers to capture the action, were selected through competitions on various websites.