The FIFA Quality Concept is the test programme for Outdoor, Futsal and Beach Soccer balls that was developed and implemented by FIFA more than ten years ago as part of its effort to promote and develop football worldwide. The main goal is to ensure the highest quality and global consistency for footballs used during international matches under the auspices of FIFA and the six continental confederations. Those footballs that have been successfully tested bear either the official FIFA APPROVED or FIFA INSPECTED quality mark and are allowed to be used in these competitions.

Since 1996, more than 100 licensees have joined this unique licensing programme and become a valuable part of the FIFA Quality Concept for Footballs, while more than 4,000 football models have passed the rigorous testing procedures and have been awarded one of the highly recognised and prestigious FIFA quality marks.

At the beginning of 2007, FIFA introduced a new and completely revamped brand architecture. This new brand architecture features consistent elements that are designed to become synonymous with FIFA events, campaigns and programmes. Within this process, FIFA has also changed the FIFA APPROVED and FIFA INSPECTED quality logos in order to adapt them to the new FIFA brand strategy. The quality seal and the differentiation between the two FIFA APPROVED and FIFA INSPECTED quality levels have been integrated into the new artwork. Meanwhile, the consistently high quality of FIFA certified footballs continues to be guaranteed worldwide through unchanged testing procedures and test criteria.

Everyone - from the world's most famous professionals to schoolchildren having a kick-around at playtime - can ensure that they have a top-quality football by looking for the FIFA APPROVED and FIFA INSPECTED quality logos the next time they buy a ball.