Joseph S. Blatter received a delegation from the Mauritanian Football Association in Durban on 24 November ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ Preliminary Draw.

The delegation travelled to South Africa to meet with the FIFA President, who was there ahead of Sunday's Draw. Above all, Mauritanian FA President Mohamed Salem Boukhreiss and Secretary General Massa Diarra wished to thank FIFA for development aid in recent years: firstly through the Goal Project, which made it possible to build a headquarters, a technical centre and an artificial pitch, and then through the 'Win in Africa with Africa' Project, which equipped the National Stadium with an artificial pitch.

"All those initiatives undoubtedly explain the national team's good results recently, but more importantly they have allowed us to organise youth competitions, which is crucial for the future of Mauritanian football," explained President Boukhreiss.

For his part, Blatter stressed that: "This has been FIFA's mission for the last 30 years. We owe it to ourselves, out of a concern for solidarity and universality, to support everyone in the literal sense of the word. Naturally, I am thrilled with the impact that FIFA's concrete contributions can bring to countries like Mauritania. It's because we have helped the whole of Africa that the FIFA World Cup will be played on this continent for the first time three years from now."