Information concerning camera-based goal-line technology has been added by FIFA to the agenda of the International F.A. Board for discussion at its 120th Annual General Meeting on Saturday, 4 March 2006 at the Palace Hotel in Lucerne (Switzerland).

Submitted as part of section V of the agenda (items for discussion and decision), information from the Italian football association will be presented to the members of the IFAB on goal-line technology that uses high-performance digital cameras rather than a chip-implanted ball or any fixed installation on the playing field or in the goal posts.

The International F.A. Board, the custodian of the Laws of the Game, is composed of The Football Association (England), The Scottish Football Association, The Football Association of Wales, The Irish Football Association (Northern Ireland) and FIFA. Representing its 203 other members, FIFA has four votes on the body, while the four British associations have one vote apiece. A proposal requires a three-quarter majority (i.e. six of the eight votes) to be passed.